Colorbond roofing is one of the best choices for Australia.  It is designed to endure and resist the harshest weather conditions.  Colorbond roof materials can last up to 60 years, and with some TLC, customers report success with even longer times.  All that is necessary is annual cleaning and maintenance. This is a much preferred option to a roof replacement.

No matter if this is a new home or a renovation, Colorbond is designed to stay.  Here are Roof Restoration and Repair Newcastle’s recommendations for the best possible lifespan and condition.

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Colorbond Roof Cleaning

Roof Cleaning in New CastleIf we had to select a part of the home that is rarely cleaned, we would guess the roof.  It makes sense. Cleaning a roof and/or gutters is a massive job even with more than one set of hands helping out.  For Colorbond roofing, regular maintenance is vital. Annual Colorbond roof cleaning and maintenance keeps the lifespan high and looking in the best possible shape.  Our yearly checks and cleanings by our professional technicians means your roof will stay one step ahead of rust, mould accumulation and the occasional animal that takes refuge in your roof.

It is not recommended for you to clean a Colorbond roof.  Roof Restoration and Repair Newcastle has a team that specializes in cleaning these roofs.  This way, you can enjoy your weekends or time off because the experts have you covered. The team also has all of the necessary cleaning and safety equipment for the job.

Common Issues With Colorbond

No matter how hard you try, there will be the moss, lichen and dirt settling on the roof.  This means Colorbond roofing will not have moisture wick and drain away and can cause problems which can lead to a roof replacement.  Our Colorbond roof cleaning uses specific cleaning products to remove all of the unsightly elements that settle on your roof while maintaining the metal integrity.

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Issues With Colorbond Roofing Specialists Handle


Sealants do need replacement.  You can expect to need sealant replacement at around 20 years.  If you are planning on putting the home on the market, it is recommended to reseal before doing so.

Seam Separation

Colorbond roofing materials expand and contract with time.  Dirt, water and other elements work their way into the gaps and can cause even more issues.

Fasteners and washers

Both can loosen or tighten as the case may be.  Overtighten – they split; loosen – gaps form for water and dirt.


Colorbond is designed from the factory to resist corrosion, fading and chipping.  It is a metal, and as such, can rust. Sealants will help prevent this, and all sealants should be done by a professional technician.  Technicians can also treat rust spots as needed.

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Roof Painting Services in New CastleDamage to the paint can come from several ways.  Branches from trees, animals walking on the roof and the like can lead to chips and scratches in the paint.  Roof Restoration and Repair Newcastle has the shades to match all of Colorbond colors in perfect harmony.


Gutters are designed to carry water away from the roof to the ground.  As leaf and dirt build up in the gutter, drainage slows. This means the perfect home for mould and mildew to settle in and rot the fascia.  Depending on the height of your roof or your personal feelings, it is wise to have a professional come clean the gutters. They will have the equipment and safety gear necessary to get the work done properly.

If you feel you can handle the job, do not do this without help.  Please use the following tips as a guide:

  • Wear long sleeves and heavy, water resistant rubber gloves;
  • Cover the ground and low plants to catch debris;
  • Use a good ladder on a stable surface;
  • Manually remove debris and throw on the tarp;
  • Flush gutters and downpipes with a hose;
  • Look for leaks and cracks.

Should you find any cracks, leaks or damage, contact a roofing professional, like Roof Restoration and Repair Newcastle.

Hotline: (02) 8313 0707

Lichen takes hold and does not like letting go.  It is best to have a professional roof and gutter technician to come to your home and clean the roof and gutters.  They have the right professional equipment and training as well as insurance and safety gear. Those who are not familiar with heights, roofs or using high intensity cleaning equipment may cause damage to the house, roof or themselves.  It is a strong recommendation you hire a professional before attempting any work on a roof. 

For all your roofing needs, call the experts at Roof Restoration and Repairs. We customise our services to meet the needs of each and every customer. We’ve been around for decades offering our services such as roof restoration, roof painting, roof cleaning and repair, driveway cleaning and more.

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