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Expert Roof Cleaning NewcastleCleaning a roof is more than just simply doing it to make the roof look nice.  A clean roof is devoid of anything that may compromise its integrity. This could lead to expensive repairs or a replacement in the future.  Even those who take the chance to climb a ladder and do an inspection every so often or perform a basic cleaning cannot beat the proper maintenance that comes from a professional roofing company like Roof Restoration and Repair Newcastle.

How Does A Roof Get Dirty

That is a fairly straightforward question with a simple answer.  Dirt, dust and debris accumulate on the roof. There is another culprit that some may not consider – air traffic.  The fallout from planes that may cross over a home or neighborhood is notorious for getting roofs dirty. The more accumulation of debris, dirt and dust, the more likely a chance of mold and lichen taking hold on the roof.  Once established, these spread quickly and can work their way into small cracks and crevasses, out of sight but causing serious problems.

Cleaning a roof is a dirty job, but it is one that must be done on occasion.  It is best to have the professionals from Roof Restoration and Repairs come and do the roof cleaning for you.  We are experts in the roofing business and have the tools and skills to clean your roof thoroughly. If you ask the question, “where is good roof cleaning near me,” we have your answer.

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Our Cleaning Process

Roof Professional Cleaning

The average Australian roof is made of terracotta or concrete, and both are pockmarked with small indentions, creases and craters.  Spores, mold and fungi can easily take a hold in these places and begin to multiply without the homeowner being aware until the infestation is really obvious.  Once established, all three of these can be very difficult to remove and do so permanently.

This is where you make us your roof maintenance partner.  We have been helping people in NSW with their roofing needs for decades, and house roof cleaning is just another one of the many services we offer our trusted customers.  Our roof maintenance and cleaning process is everything our customers want in roof cleaning: complete, inexpensive, effective and efficient. We handle both roofs and gutters.

What We Do For Your Roof

Roof Restoration and Repairs uses the tried and true method of roof cleaning – high pressure water cleaning mixed with a detergent or bleach.  The immense pressure of the water combined with the cleaning agents mean that even the most stubborn mold, fungi and lichen stand no chance. The mixture penetrates deeply into cracks and crevasses where normal cleaning simply cannot reach.  The process leaves your roof looking fresh and new – just like when it was first installed.

This process means your roof will not only look new but will be resistant to molds, fungi and lichen for some time.  Regular roof maintenance also extends the lifespan of your roof, giving you many years of pleasurable living with the additional bonus of an increased home value.  If you feel your roof needs maintenance or cleaning, contact Roof Restoration and Repairs in Newcastle. Let us bring your roof back to its former glory.

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If we had to sum up our success into a single word, it is PRIDE. There is no tile we leave behind when it comes to our roofing. No matter what the reason you need our services – we have you and your roofing needs covered.


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