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Roof Restoration Services

Roof Restoration Services

Best Roof Restoration Service In Newcastle, Gosford and Central Coast

professional roofer newcastleThere are few things that make a home look new. A roof, however, is one of them. Considering that a roof is a major part of the exterior of the home, up to 40 percent on average, it makes sense to have a roof that is not only functional but attractive.

These steps are vital to the overall look and functionality of a well-designed roof.  Our roofing specialists take the time to be certain your roof has a coating that will not peel, wash or fade away.  Do not hesitate if you feel your roof is in disrepair.  The roof repair we offer in Newcastle are enough to keep the homeowner from needing a completely new roof.

We have helped thousands of NSW residents with their roofs. Is it a quick leak fix or a replacement you need, we have the roofing specialists on hand for the comprehensive inspection and consultation. Let us bring your roof back to showroom life.

Hotline: (02) 8313 0707

Commercial and Residential Roof Restoration

roof tile installationRoof Restoration and Repairs works with any and all commercial and residential roofing materials. This includes terracotta, concrete, metal and COLORBOND. The roofing services we offer in Newcastle include repair, restoration, replacement, paint and gutters. We want to be your roof specialists with the singular goal of bringing your roof back to its like new state, thus increasing the value of your property.

Consider: An older, damaged roof is not only unsightly, it can drastically devalue your home significantly. The roofing services of Newcastle mean improving your roof, and that in turn is a sound investment in your home’s value and external appearance. You are also bringing a sense of well-being and safety to your family while protecting the home from future potential damage and saving money on utilities because of improved insulation and reflective coatings.

Hotline: (02) 8313 0707

Total Roof Replacement

There are times when simple repair and restoration will not suffice. Our Newcastle roofers can renovate your home’s roof completely. We do tile, metal and COLORBOND roofs.

Roof Painting

Expect nothing but the best in roof painting. We prime, seal and membrane coat for the absolute finest in durability, protection and shine to your home’s roof. We have been in Newcastle for a long time – there is a good reason why.

Gutters and Downpipes

We are not limited to roofing services in Newcastle. We can repair gutters that are leaking or damaged. We offer complete replacements of gutters, downpipes, gutterguards and fascia.

Hotline: (02) 8313 0707

What Makes Roof Restoration and Repairs the Best Roofing Company?

All of our products meet or exceed the standards necessary for the Australian weather conditions. Our roof coatings contain pigments that reflect the sun’s heat, which in turn lowers the roof’s temperature and the temperature in the home. This paint, as compared to standard paint, means you pay less for keeping the home cool in the summers and mild winters.

The specialized acrylic coating system we employ has been designed for cement tile restoration. A 100 percent acrylic emulsion with inert filters and colour-stable oxides mean a colour that is fade and chalk resistant. Couple this to a blend of fungicides and special chemicals, the coating material cures rapidly and fully under a host of applications and conditions.

Our coatings also are abrasion resistant. We have a myriad of colours in stock for you. This means a personalized choice that will meet personal tastes and raise the aesthetics of your home.

The coatings are Australian invented, tested and produced. This means the best colour for cement tile in the harsh Australian weather conditions.

Hotline: (02) 8313 0707

Free Inspection and Consultation

Your roof has purpose. There are few things you own more valuable than a family home. Your roof is specifically formulated to protect your home from the worst weather Australia has. Most people do not consider their roof’s condition until it is time for a complete replacement when a quick and easy repair was all that was necessary. Prevention is always preferred to cure; however, most homeowners do not recognize the condition of their roof. We will help with a free comprehensive roofing inspection and consultation report.

Roof Restoration and Repairs has a set of inspectors in Newcastle and the rest of NSW. Make a choice. Our team will help you map out the best course of action based on your current roofing situation and your budget.

The Best Roofing Services and Contractors in Australia

Does your home have need of a roof repair or restoration? If you are tired of a leaking roof or your home has a rather unsightly looking roof, Roof Restoration and Repairs is your roof specialists. We are Australia’s leading roofing contractors and have the experience and skill to help keep your roof in top shape during the worst weather Australia can throw at you.

Hotline: (02) 8313 0707

The exterior of the home is what people see first, and the roof is one of the things they will look at carefully. There is no such thing as a second chance on a first impression, so it is vital the roof looks showroom new. A roof that is worn, badly maintained or in disrepair means a house that will not be seen as a home. This means buyers who are considering your home will decide to look elsewhere. They can only assume if the roof is this poor, what does the remainder of the house look like?

Roof restoration brings the best of the house to the forefront of the mind and eyes. The house will appear transformed and look like it is freshly built with a sharp eye for detail. A well-maintained or restored roof can be the deciding factor if you are looking to sell a home, particularly in a better neighborhood or a highly competitive real estate market. The better the curb appeal of a house, the better the opportunity for a buyer to see it as less of a house and more of a home.


Remodeling Contractor

Industry Veterans in Newcastle Roofing

If we had to sum up our success into a single word, it is PRIDE. There is no tile we leave behind when it comes to our roofing. No matter what the reason you need our services – we have you and your roofing needs covered.


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