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Roof Professional WashingIn addition to an unpleasant appearance, dirty roofs can quickly deteriorate and cause more issues

Those seeking to have their roofs look like new without spending too much will find the solution lies in having roof pressure cleaning by the professionals at Roof Restoration and Repairs.  The team has cleaned over a thousand roofs in Newcastle and surrounding areas and have a process that removes all of the dirt, grime, lichen and moss while simultaneously keeping the growth returning for a period of time.  Terracotta roofs will look brand new after a cleaning and treatment. There will be no concern about repainting the terracotta as the colour will remain the same as it was – just cleaner.

Cement roofing tiles are more difficult because of age.  The more modern tile are better designed to take the harsh Australian weather, but older tile, around 15-20 years or so, has faded colour and beneath is a build-up of dirt, lichen and mold.  Once cleaned, the tile will certainly not have the same sheen it once did. The raw cement will need repainting and sealing quickly as well. Newer tile, on the other hand, will be nicely cleaned and colour will remain fast.  The roof will appear newly installed.

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Regular Pressure Washing The Roof Is Key

professional roofer in newcastleThere are those who find pressure cleaners available at various locations around Newcastle and the rest of Australia, and they believe purchasing one of these units is the secret to saving money and time.

Consider the following: How often do you realistically plan to use a pressure cleaner?  Do you have safety gear and training to be on the roof? If you are hurt, do you have the proper insurance to care for the injury?  What if you break something while on the roof? Who will pay for it?

It is a strong hope these questions get you to thinking that the purchase of a pressure cleaner is more hassle than help.  You will not be able to get the high pressure available from a commercial unit nor the industrial chemicals we use in our daily work.

There is more to using a pressure cleaner than turning it on and pointing it at a surface.  Those who are not familiar will find the correct use to be very difficult. It is common to have damaged paint, scores in the concrete and blown mortar.  The list continues for some time.

Depending on what you are cleaning, proper pressure cleaning can be tricky and time consuming.  Let Roof Restoration and Repairs take care of the pressure cleaning for you. We are experienced and have the equipment to do the job correctly the first time and every time.


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If we had to sum up our success into a single word, it is PRIDE. There is no tile we leave behind when it comes to our roofing. No matter what the reason you need our services – we have you and your roofing needs covered.


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