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expert roof repairs and leaks newcastleIf you are a homeowner, you will realize that things will need repair or replacement eventually.  A roof is no exception. A leaking roof is never fun, but it is a real possibility. More often than not, a leaking roof is not brought to our attention until it is too late, and reality has sunken in.  It could be any number of reasons why there is a leak – fallen branches, hail, lack of maintenance or some other issue. Damage can lead to significant repair costs. The solution is to deal with a leaking roof as quickly as you notice it and before the problem is more serious.

Roof Restoration and Repairs is one of NSW leading roof repair companies, and we can bring your roof back to a look that is as good as when it was installed.  Leaks from the roof enter into the ceiling and can be even more devastating. We can provide you with the roofing protection you need to help keep you from serious damage and massive repair quotes.  A roof repair will not only save you money but give you peace of mind for many years.

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Waterproofing & Water Damage

Best Roof Repair ServicesAustralia is known for its unpredictable weather.  No matter what nature throws at the roof, Roof Restoration and Repairs will provide your home’s roof with the best possible protection for you and your family.

Tile Roof Repair

Australian sun and heat can be oppressive.  This factors in heavily into your home’s roof tiles.  Regular maintenance on the roof tiles keeps them in the best condition possible.

Colorbond Roof Repairs

We maintain and repair all colorbound roofs.  If Roof Restoration and Repairs handles your roof repair and maintenance, both will boost the value of the home and increase the protection your roof provides.

Replace broken tiles

Tile that is broken or damaged can cause serious problems for your home.  Water can leak into the cracks and cause damage, leading to costly repairs.  We have the skill and critical eye to look for compromised tile. A quick repair of a handful of tiles is a real value in the long term.

Hotline: (02) 8313 0707

Emergency Roof Repairs

Emergency Roof Repair and Restoration in New CastleAccidents happen, and they happen at the most inopportune times.  Mother nature continues to elude even the best weather professionals.  Roof Restoration and Repairs can be at your home quickly in the case of roof damage.  We also handle rusted, leaking and damaged gutters and downpipes.

Rebedding Ridge Capping

There are two places where problems begin on roofs – the corners and edges.  Given time, mortar and the material holding tile and ridge capping weakens, cracks or splits.  If the ridge capping is loose, we can repoint it. Those who are looking into a real roof change for their home should consider a roof restoration – our speciality.

Why Choose Roof Restoration and Repairs

We are leaders in the roofing industry in NSW and have been in business for decades.  It is a rare day when we cannot complete a job because of unforeseen difficulties. We have built strong relationships within the construction industry in NSW and use only the best of the best in materials made here in Australia.

Backed By Roof Guarantee

All roof coatings are backed with the manufacturers guarantee without extra cost to the homeowner. We have comprehensive roof repair and replacement pricing for all homes.  Do not ignore damage on your roof.

Hotline: (02) 8313 0707

Your home is an investment

Roof damage or prepping for a sale, we can help you.  Having a roof in disrepair or poor shape will undervalue property. The outside of a home, roof included, is often the first thing potential buyers see when looking at a home for the future or investment.  Repair, restoration or replacement will add appeal and value to your home and will certainly have buyers taking a closer look at your home.

Roof Restoration and Repair in the Central Coast

For decades, we have repaired, restored and replaced roofs in NSW and across the country.  We have the support of the construction industry, the skills, knowledge and technicians to support why we are one of the best roofing contractors in all of Australia.


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Industry Veterans in Newcastle Roofing

If we had to sum up our success into a single word, it is PRIDE. There is no tile we leave behind when it comes to our roofing. No matter what the reason you need our services – we have you and your roofing needs covered.


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