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Cleaning Concrete Driveways in New CastleIf you are a homeowner, you likely have a driveway.  If you have a driveway, you will recognize the fact it needs cleaning now and again.  Cleaning a driveway is a chore, and one that most people do not want to do on their free time.  A domestic driveway can be anywhere from 60m2 to 1,500m2. Most are concrete with a varied surface ranging from stencils to exposed aggregate.  Some homes even have clay pavers. No matter what material the driveway is made from, each has the same characteristic – they will get dirty and will need driveway cleaning services.

Those who have tried to pressure wash a driveway of around 100m2 with a non-commercial strength pressure washer will quickly realize how difficult and time consuming the task can be.  It can take more than a single day, and the results will be sub-par at best. Even if you use a cleaning agent, the pressure washers available simply cannot match the power and volume of a commercial unit.  Instead of taking precious time from your busy life, go ahead and have the professional team from Roof Restoration and Repairs Newcastle take care of the driveway cleaning services for you.

We use a high power, commercial grade cleaner with an equally powerful commercial cleaning agent that deep cleans the driveway.  This removes difficult molds and algae while at the same time inhibiting future growth. The results are a clean look that cannot be bested with any other system.

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Those who have driveways beyond standard concrete will benefit from having the driveway sealed with a concrete sealer.  It could be that your coloured concrete is fading or in need of a touch up. Either way, Roof Restoration and Repairs can help you with all of your driveway cleaning services.

There is no such thing as the same driveway – all are unique.

Cars + homes equal driveways.  For many people, cleaning a driveway is a serious undertaking.  Often times people lack a pressure cleaner and have to rent one.  This is expense and time taken away from when the driveway could be cleaned.  Most driveways range in size from 60m2 to 1,500m2 and are concrete. Some may be stencilled or stamped, plain or coloured.  There are clay pavers that are also common for driveways. Regardless, all driveways have the same thing in common – they get dirty.

Those who have tried to clean even a small driveway realize just how much of a chore it can be.  Without the proper equipment, there is no guarantee the work will be done well and fully. This is why Roof Restoration and Repairs uses professional grade pressure cleaners with industrial strength cleaning solutions to get the driveway clean the first time and every time.  The chemicals we use also help keep the mold and algae from returning for some time. It is this treatment and attention to detail that sets us apart from the others.

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High Pressure Water Driveway Cleaning

When it comes to clay pavers, it is common for weeds to take hold in the cracks between the pavers.  Most people try to poison the weeds and may see some moderate success, but the inevitable happen. The weeds always return in masse.  Seeds are constantly carried and deposited by winds. The dirt also makes it difficult to keep weeds at bay, with the proof of weeds not being evident until after they are visible and much more difficult to remove.

The only effective way to limit weed growth is to limit the dirt between pavers.  Roof Restoration and Repair’s cleaning process completely removes weeds from between the pavers – leaving them look as if the pavers are freshly laid.

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